Objectives and Programs:

  1. “Mado” is a regional, non-governmental, non-profitable organization located in Khartoum. Based on membership and, whose status as international organization. And it’s a meeting point for influential environmental institutions, organizations and personalities. It is a major dynamic player in the environmental field, follows environmental developments and proposes measures and policies to address environmental problems. Mado initiatives include capacity building for civil society organizations, and environmental awareness and education.
  2. It is an observer member of the many regional and international organizations as a monitoring member. And it plays a key role in negotiations and advice to regional associations, particularly in the areas of climate change and sustainable development.
  3. Encourage local communities to protect the environment, rational use of natural resources and achieve the goals of sustainable development, through positive interaction between planners, businessmen, civil society, the media, relevant international organizations and others concerned with environmental and development issues and contributing to appropriate environmental policy-making.
  4. Using the media to promote environmental awareness by supporting the role of environmental education, environmental media and non-governmental organizations active in the field of the environment
    5 – cultivation of dryland, arid, semi-arid, grassland and savannah biological diversity; and care for the cultivation of forests and trees produced such as acacia and pines.

6 – work to combat desertification packages in the region.7- works to take care of the environment by environmental sanitation campaigns inside and outside cities.

  1. The Organization shall work in coordination with the relevant authorities to provide a mechanism for the disposal of medical waste.
    9 – Reviving the spirit of collective work and the formation of youth associations to maintain the cleanliness of neighborhoods in cities, villages and countryside.

10- Making productive projects to encourage the community for non random cutting of the trees to preserve the environment and the ozone layer.

  1. Conduct environmental studies in the field of solar energy as an alternative to the emission of harmful gases.
  2. Training of youth and women in the field of environmental protection.
  3. Develop partnerships with regional and international organizations working in the field of the environment.

14 – Deepening environmental awareness among young people and introducing them to the characteristics of the environment and its association with society and its impact on its growth and the development.

15 – To guide young people to preserve the environment and contribute to protecting it from pollution.

  1. Develop trends and skills, build environmental behavior and train youth to work collectively to serve the environment in general

    Means of achieving objectives:

  2. Communicating through the organization’s (website mado-sd.org).

2 – Periodicals bulletins and leaflets.

  1. Advertising through official channels.
  2. Develop partnerships and cooperation with relevant local, regional and international organizations.

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Environment Sanitation Campaigns

Growing See Lands

Recycling Waste

Combat Desertification

Growing Acacia trees

Growing Acacia trees

Solid Waste Management

Recycling and Disposal of Medical waste